Your 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It has only been a few months since 2020 started yet 2022 is already knocking on everyone’s doorsteps. As the cold breeze of the ‘ber’ months begins to kick in, it is also when the merry jingle of the holidays begins to ring. That means you need to prepare a list of savvy and splendid gifts for all your friends and family. Gift-giving now takes on a different meaning. It symbolizes more than materialistic wants because a present represents keeping in touch with the people who matter to you. With everything that has happened in 2020 and 2021, spending quality time with loved ones has become so rare and difficult. Whether you want to do early Christmas gift shopping, need helpful ideas for the perfect holiday present, or have your eyes set on budget-friendly gift-giving tips for 2021, this holiday gift guide is for you.

1. Personalized Jewelry

The first item on our holiday gift guide is perfect for someone who loves to accessorize or make a fashion statement through the jewelry they wear. Personalized jewelry trends that are in this year include the wearer’s initials as the design, bracelet beads that form a name or word, and silver cuffs with engraved messages and quotes. Nothing says custom accessories better than jewelry that represents a significant part of the person’s identity or a special memory that you share with them.

2. Multiport Charging Station

Does your gift recipient own several gadgets? Are they always on the go? If so, then a multiport charging station is a useful item for them. It allows them to charge all of their gadgets simultaneously. Some of the most high-rated brands for a multiport charging station include Anker, Seenda, and BOREAD. It might seem like a simple gadget at first glance, but it provides optimum practicality in the long run.

3. Acupuncture Pillow and Mat Set

Acupuncture is a type of Chinese alternative medicine for alleviating bodily pains and managing stress levels in patients. Innovative stress-reliever materials also come in the form of a softer and puncture-free version of the popular medicinal treatment. Gift this to a friend who constantly feels exhausted and needs a convenient way to relieve stress.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Speaking of a stress-reliever, why not complete their improvised acupuncture with an essential oil diffuser? Getting rid of elements that cause distress can also be done through aromatherapy and eliminating any allergens that could potentially trigger an adverse reaction in one’s body. Let your special someone relieve the tensions in their muscles while humidifying the atmosphere around them and inhaling relaxing and pleasant scents.

5. A Comfy Blanket

Thinking of the best gift for your grandparents? How about a high-quality and snuggly blanket? Highlighting convenience and warmth should be the determining factors for picking aging parents (gifts for aging parents) in this home quarantine timeline. Let them stay warm and relaxed while they spend their days within the comforts of their humble abode.

6. Satin Bed Sheet and Pillowcases

Pair the highly comforting blanket with a refreshing satin bedsheet and pillowcase set. Satin sheets and pillowcases provide a cozy sleeping experience that feels cool and velvety on the skin. That means they get a good night’s sleep and afternoon nap without suffering from prickly heat and excessive sweating.

7. Electric Toothbrush (with a Whitening Feature)

Surprise your friend or loved one with a hi-tech toothbrush that not only helps them clean their teeth and gums but also whitens them in the process. Having a perfect set of pearly whites contributes to an individual’s confidence level. Choose an electric toothbrush from reputable brands. You can also check out customer reviews for better insight on which variation to purchase.

8. Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers will surely be delighted by a cold brew coffee maker. Cold-brews are perfect for warm days at work where you need an instant energy boost without burning your tongue or sweating buckets over a hot caffeinated drink. Cold-brew coffee is less acidic and healthier for your heart, blood, and metabolism.

9. Skincare or Makeup Gift Set

If you are looking for impressive gifts for the beauty junkie in your gift-giving list, a makeup or skincare set should help do the trick. Try to discover their favorite makeup and skincare brand. The good thing about a beauty set as a present is you have multiple options to choose from, such as an Acne-Busting regimen, a Glow Enhancing cult favorite, a blemish-erasing concealer, and long-staying lipstick, or an anti-aging beauty product. It all depends on which type of self-pampering ritual best fits the person for whom the present is intended.

10. Magnetic Phone Mount

Looking for a more practical gift? A magnetic phone mount suits students, home buddies, and even workaholics. It lets users keep their phone in place while streaming their favorite shows, joining Zoom meetings for work, or multitasking. If you have a friend who loves to cook while following a recipe online, this gift should be helpful. Other people who will likely appreciate this gift include people who like to follow DIY tutorials on YouTube while testing it at the same time or someone who is quite clumsy and needs a stable place to put their trusty smartphones.

11. Snack Subscription Box

A steady supply of snacks has become an essential part of every remote-based employee. Munching on your favorite chips and candy bars is the best way to relieve tension at work. It also gives you the perfect company while binge-watching your favorite movies and series. Sign your friend or relative up for a top-rated snack subscription box so they have something exciting to look forward to every month. Some options to check out for the best snack box are Tokyo Treat, MunchPak, Bokksu Snack Box, Carnivore Club Snack Box, Candy Club, and Mouth Vegan Snack Box.

2021 is about to end, so make the remaining two months count by showering your loved ones with gifts that show how much you care about them. Use this holiday gift guide as your starting list and share any additional amazing gift ideas you may have in mind.

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