Hey, mama—welcome to the magical world of Wise Dollar Mom! OK, maybe it’s not “magical,” but it sure is chock-full of helpful, valuable, and resourceful info. 🙂

I’m Tori, and I’ll be your tour guide on this little adventure of turning the tables to make your finances scared of YOU. What are you dreamin’ about? Is it something like:

  • being able to stay home with your kiddos?
  • coming up for air from the tsunami of personal debt?
  • finally feeling confident enough to live a frugal life with your family? 

Psst—if any of these sound like you, you’ve come to the right place. I created Wise Dollar Mom to help other moms be wise themselves. To have the confidence to tackle their finances. To end this weird taboo-type topic of “not being able to do anything else because you’re a mom.” (Spoiler alert: this season of motherhood just makes you THAT much stronger to be able to accomplish THAT much more!)

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I’m so excited that you’re here. Good luck, and make that money, mama!