21 Free (or Cheap!) Valentine Ideas For Your Husband He’ll Actually Love

Inside: Looking for the perfect Valentine ideas for your husband? Ditch the cheesy, boring, or expensive gifts and dates this year. Instead, reach for one of these genius Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Or get adventurous on a budget with our favorite Valentine date inspiration! It’s time to bring the romance without breaking the bank!

Looking for the perfect Valentine ideas for your husband? Ditch the cheesy, boring, or expensive gifts and dates this year. Instead, reach for one of these genius Valentine's Day gift ideas for him. Or get adventurous on a budget with our favorite Valentine date inspiration! It's time to bring the romance without breaking the bank!

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Let me tell you about my Valentine. He’s tough as nails. He’s a protector. He’s as dependable as the summer rains here in Florida. He’s fiercely loyal.

And at the same time he’s a romantic to the core. He’s an encourager. He brings me flowers for my kitchen “just because.”

And goodness, if he doesn’t deserve something more than a tacky tie for Valentine’s Day!

If you want to give your husband a Valentine’s Day he’ll actually love, try these frugal gifts and date ideas this year!

You’ll make memories together, make your hubby feel valued, and keep cash in your wallet. There’s no need to go over budget to make the him feel special. These Valentine ideas for your husband will make his day!

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Frugal Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husbands

Showing some love to your husband doesn’t have to break the bank. But getting the perfect Valentine’s gift for him isn’t always easy. If yours is like mine, he’s next to impossible to shop for!

These budget-friendly gift and Valentine ideas for your husband are the perfect antidote to boring, cheesy gifts. This Valentine’s Day, give him something he’ll actually love!

DIY or Cheap Valentine’s Gifts for Him

  1. Love Letter: When my husband and I were dating, he loved to surprise me with love notes and cards left on my car’s windshield. Surprise your Valentine with a love note left in an unexpected place! Need inspiration? Check out these famous love letters!
  2. Love Language Card Game: Connect in a fun and meaningful way with these 101 conversation starters for couples. Pick a card, take turns answering, and deepen your relationship!
  3. 52 Uncommon Dates: This book is full of practical, romantic, and fun dates to help you and your spouse have fun together! 52 Uncommon Dates ignites prayerful and playful connections in ways that deepen your relationship, one date at a time.
  4. Lipstick Message: Write a sweet or sassy message for your hubby on the bathroom mirror. Add in a lipstick kiss. He’ll love it!
  5. Adventure Fund Box: This wooden shadow box keeps your adventure fund growing! I love that this gift promises many more adventures together.
  6. Be a Kid Again Basket: Fill a basket with his favorite things from childhood. From candy to classic toys, old movies to baseball cards. Do some research and recreate his best childhood memories!
  7. DIY Manly Apron: If your man loves to cook or grill, make him this simple and man-approved DIY apron. Then convince him to make a Valentine’s Day steak dinner while you whip up his favorite dessert!
  8. Survival Book: Unleash his inner survivalist with Bushcraft 101, a field guide to wilderness survival. Get ready for wilderness adventures in your near future!
  9. Grooming Kit: Give your Valentine his favorite beard oil, manly soap, or lotion. Throw in a massage for good measure!
  10. Leather Phone Case: Upgrade your Valentine’s phone with this frugal but rugged iPhone case!
  11. Hot Sauce Cookbook: Surprise your man with his favorite thing. Hot sauce. This sriracha cookbook will inspire many a spicy meal!

Cheap or Free Valentine’s Day Dates for Couples

Want something more memorable and budget-friendly than dinner and a movie? These simple Valentine’s Day date ideas will keep your husband on his toes and give him a day to remember!

Guess what? You can manage most of these date ideas for under $20. But many of them are free!

If you’re used to going into debt or overspending for Valentine’s Day, these will come as a breath of fresh air. Mix it up this year, be wise with your money, and get creative! Your husband will love you for it.

Creative Valentine Dates

  1. Stargazing Date: Grab a blanket and some hot cocoa and watch the skies together. Borrow the kids’ tree house, find a scenic spot around town, or just get cozy in your own backyard.
  2. Sunrise Date: You’re both up early anyway, why not catch the sunrise together? Start Valentine’s Day by connecting with your honey, and share a few reasons why your mate is the “light” of your life.
  3. First Date: Recreate your first date, but keep it frugal! Bonus points if you recreate your first date outfits, too! Spend the night flirting, reminiscing, and being young again.
  4. Popcorn and a Movie Date: What’s better than relaxing on the couch with your hubby? Find your favorite movie, and make it special with this amazing cookies and cream popcorn and ice cold soda in glass bottles.
  5. Indoor Picnic Date: Send the kids to grandmas, and create a romantic night in. Cozy up to your fireplace, or show a faux fire through your TV. Try these delicious picnic foods for a change!
  6. Ice Cream Parlor Date: Visit your local ice cream parlor and take time to sample every single flavor. Grab a pint of your favorite and take it home to share.
  7. Adventure Date: Take a hike in your favorite local nature spot. Pack some treats to snack on when you reach the top!
  8. Dessert Only Date: Want to go out, but keep it under budget? Be irresponsible for the night and only order dessert! So much fun!
  9. Window Shopping Date: Stroll through your favorite shops. Don’t buy a thing, but focus on holding hands and being together.
  10. Escape Room Date: Love tackling puzzles and clues together? Try a free escape room date, right at home!

Your Turn

Does your husband need some love this Valentine’s Day? Which of these Valentine ideas for your husband will you choose?

Share with us! What are your favorite ways to make your husband feel loved and appreciated? Connect with us in the comments below!

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